Wedding Photography Equipment

August 8, 2019

This is our second blog on wedding photography! In this blog, we will be focusing on what equipment a beginner photographer should bring to a wedding! 


This one is obvious: bring the correct camera. Make sure that you have a good, quality (DSLR Camera).  It is best to use a full-frame camera as these offer more shooting capabilities in low light and produce a higher quality image. Photographers can still use a crop sensor camera, if this is what is available to them. There are just more benefits with full frame cameras.  


50mm: A 50mm lens is a great basic for most of the shots you will be taking, such as ceremony, reception, couple shots, and outdoor shots. With the variety that this lens offers, it will be great for most of the wedding. However, it is always beneficial to have different lenses on hand so you can get the perfect shot for the couple.   

Zoom lens: A zoom lens is perfect to get the close-up shots, as mentioned in the earlier blog. This can help you get close ups of the rings, flowers, outfit details, the cake, etc.  

Wide Angle: A Wide-angle lens may not be needed as much but is perfect for some specific shots, such as shots of all guests, if the couple has a large bridal party or family. It will also be helpful for “the first dance” shots, so you can get the whole dance floor. 

Flash/ light diffuser 

You will not know exactly how the lighting/event will be lit until you are in the moment. Whether it is the ceremony or the reception, the lighting may not be in the photographer’s favor. Therefore, it is important to bring at least one flash and one light diffuser, so you are able to manipulate the photos before the editing process.  

Extra Equipment 

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, always bring extra equipment! This includes the usual, such as batteries and memory cards. For this specific job, it is always good to have an extra camera and lens. This is a onceinalifetime event for the couple that cannot be recreated. Being a photographer is such an important job at a wedding as you will be the one capturing their memories.  

Have more tips for our readers? Let us know in the comments! 



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