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Wedding Photography- 6 Tips for Capturing the Proposal

March 4, 2020

It is becoming the trend these days to capture the proposal, and we think it’s an amazing craze! Since proposals are usually a surprise, it can be difficult to be the photographer in that situation. Below we will discuss the best techniques for capturing a proposal.  

Make a Plan

You’ll need to make a plan with the person who is proposing. It may seem obvious, but you will need to know where and when they are proposing. Being that you are the photographer, you will need to get to the location first and set everything up.  


Go to the Location with Them

Go to the location with the person proposing so you know how to get there. (This is especially helpful if it is a hike.) While you are at the location, take some test shots of the person proposing kneeling where they want to propose. This will be helpful on the day of the shoot. You can advise the person proposing to stand in the most photogenic spotAs this is a once in a relationship moment, you don’t want it messed up by not being positioned correctly. You want to be able to see both people and their reactions in the photos.  

Choose the Best Lighting 

The proposer may have a plan of when they want to propose, so it is helpful to discuss timing. As we have mentioned many times, the golden hour is the best lighting of the day. It is best to discuss this with the proposer as they want to have the best moment with their loved one while also getting the best photos. Now depending on weather, climate, etc., you and the client can make your own decision on what time to shoot.  

Use a Long Telephoto Lens 

Using a long telephoto lens is great for a surprise engagement photoshoot. It gives the couple some privacy while they are having their special moment. Telephoto lenses are perfect for proposal shoots as they are good lenses for portrait photography, even at a distance.

Dress for the Job 

Dress professionally, but blend in. Depending on where you are shooting, dress for the occasion and weather. If you are on a hike, dress in nice waterproof clothes. Or if it is at a fancy location, dress in nice clothes. The big thing is always to dress professionally. 

Introduce Yourself to the New Bride and Do a Mini-Engagement Session on the Spot 

This last feature is just an addon if the couple wants to. It is best to discuss this option with the groom before the proposal. Personally, I would leave it as an addon for if the couple both wants to. To price for this, you can have an addon to the proposal shoot or do a smaller, separate engagement shoot. This will all need to be clearly laid out in the contract.  



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