Video Studio 4 Features

August 13, 2019

Did you hear that we have released the latest version of ACDSee Video Studio? Below we will go over the new features that Video Studio 4 has to offer. Video Studio 4 is a major upgrade from Video Studio 3. This blog will be a brief overview of some of the features that are offered in Video Studio 4, as we have a What’s New video that goes more in-depth into the features, as well as tutorial videos with Director of photography, Alec Watson! You can also download a 30-day free trial and try all of these new features for yourself! Now let’s get started!    

Chroma Key (Green Screening)  

Green screening is a great tool in Video Studio 4. Create custom backgrounds and elements for your videos. This is perfect for students creating projects, social media posts, YouTubers, etc. This feature elevates Video Studio 4 to be able to compete with other major video editing software. You can check out a tutorial video by Alec Watson to get more details on how to use this feature and the benefits it has!  

Color LUTS  

Color LUTs, otherwise known as color lookup tables, provide you with an abundance of filters you can apply to your mediaThis allows you to add filters to sections of your video for originality and creativity.  


Another feature that helps your creative cinematography process is our speed tool. You can increase and decrease the speed of sections of your video to get the exact timing and creative feel you are looking for. Do you want the viewer to slow down and focus on a specific point? Are you a YouTuber who needs to speed up part of a DIY video? Having the speed feature gives your creation the effect you want to have on your viewers.   


Snapshots is a self-explanatory feature. You can take snapshots or screenshots of your video.  You can also use these snapshots within your video to create a dramatic effect. Use this with the speed feature and you can create a stunning slow-motion scene in your video.    

GIF Creation   

You probably know what a GIF is. Usually, silly video clips are used within conversations to give it more pizazz. But do you know how to create a GIF? If the answer is no, now you can learn! In Video Studio 4 you can make your own GIFs! Maybe you want to make a GIF of yourself, your friends, your petyou can make a GIF of anything! This is a fun feature that we are very excited about.    


Mosaic gives you the option to apply a blur effect to sections and small spots of your videos. This feature is great if you are taking videos in a public area and need to blur out faces or license plates.   

New Filters & Overlays  

We have tons of new filters and overlays in Video Studio 4. You can add these onto sections of your video to create specific looks and effects. We have added in 46 new overlays and 13 new custom filters, giving you endless opportunity to get the exact impact you’re aiming for in your video. You can combine the filters and overlays.  


Behaviors can elevate your video. Behaviors, otherwise known as transitions, will make different scenes within your video transition smoothly. 

Custom Animations  

Custom animation is such a fun feature and is new to Video Studio 4. You can use keyframes to do things like zoom in at a specific time, over a specified duration, to easily emphasize material and create a cool effect.   


After reading all this, do you want to try it out for yourself? Download a 30-day free trial. Don’t forget to check out our What’s New video and our Alec Watson videos.  



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