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Top 5 Easy & Must do Edits for Engagement/Wedding Photos

March 17, 2020

Wedding photography is a large industry and these days editing is just as important as the photography itself; the two go hand in hand. Below we will discuss the 5 most helpful tips to know when editing wedding photos. 

Batch Processing 

Batch processing is the process of applying a filter or edit action to multiple photos at the same time. This is the perfect way to make sure that all your photos have the same consistent style.  Batch processing will make your photos have the same look, as well as drastically speeding up your editing process. 


Now unlike batch processing, this effect may not be for every photo you use but will be helpful for some images.  Vignette usually uses a dark fade to draw the eye to the center or subject of the photo. This editing feature can be great to use when wanting to put the focus on the couple and give a more romantic feeling, as if they are the only ones in the room. 

Cropping & Rotating  

Cropping can take the professionalism of your photos to the next level. You can crop out people in the background and put the focus on the couple. 

Rotate the photo to ensure the background is straight. This is something that seems simple but can be an oversight if you are too focused on the subjects of the photo! For example, if you were taking wedding photos on a beach, you want to make sure that the horizon line is straight.  

Reduce Noise 

You may not be able to crop everything out of a photo. This is where noise reduction comes into play. Reducing the noise in a photo will blur the background of the image.

Clone/Skin Tool 

When it’s someone’s special day, they want to look perfect. Friends and family will likely be posting their photos of the wedding and they probably don’t have the same skills or technology that you, the photographer, have access to. Make sure you get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth, etc. Your photos are the ones that they have paid for, so they need to be perfect and the clients need to look phenomenal. That said, don’t overdo it! Make sure that it looks natural. If someone has a birthmark, leave it in!  

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