Quick Guide: Smart Erase

May 28, 2018

Take what you want from your photos, and integrate the rest. Select unwanted objects for removal and use the Smart Erase function to fill in the area with a matching background. This content-aware tool will produce a natural result even while extracting elements like telephone poles, crowds of strangers, imperfections, ominous clouds—whatever you want. Even eliminate structures and surfaces to create fantastical manipulations and image composites.





  • robvann

    Is there a way to set focus to the source area? This is an amazing tool, that works very well 75% of the time without much effort, but occasionally it seems to pickup stray artifacts from nearby as part of what it pastes over the erasure. I have not found what logic the AI uses for the replacement.

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello Rob, Unfortunately, smart erase does not have any way to set focus to a source area. Although we have another tool called blended clone. It can set a source point where you want to clone then the edges will apply smart erase to blend the result in. Hope this is what you’re looking for, if not please reach out for help!

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