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Photography 101- When to Use a Tripod

March 25, 2020

You may be wondering why you need a tripod if you are able to straighten images in editing software, but that isn’t the only thing a tripod can help you with  

The main reason to invest in a tripod is stabilization. It can be difficult to successfully capture certain images, like when shooting a long exposure, low light, or using a telephoto lens. Using a tripod will reduce the amount of blurred and crooked images when shooting. Below we will discuss the many benefits that tripods have in different shooting scenarios.  

Long Exposure

If you’re wanting to do long exposure shots, you will need a tripod. Long exposure is a photography technique where you take a photo with a long shutter speed. This is done by opening the shutter for longer than usual. Without a tripod this could easily result in blurred images as you would need to hold the camera still for an extended period of time. With a tripod, you can stabilize your camera to get the result you want. Want to know more about long exposure photography? You can check out our tutorial video here 

Low Light

Working in low light can be another environment in which a tripod is beneficial. Low light photography can result in blurred images without a tripod. Again, in this situation you would need to have a long shutter speed, similar to long exposure photos. Using a tripod while having a long shutter speed will help you have a crisper image.  

Action Shots

Taking action shots can be another situation where tripods are valuable. Action shots have a tendency to be blurry because someone or something is moving. Instead of having yourself and the subject both moving, it is best to use a tripod. In this case, you will need to have a high shutter speed to capture quick movements. Using a tripod for action shots and sports photography will help you capture the perfect moment.  

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a great case in which to use a tripod. Wildlife photography can be tedious when you are waiting to capture the perfect moment. Having a tripod is helpful as it may take all day to get the shot you want. You can have your camera set up on your tripod, ready to go, when the perfect moment comes your way.  

Using a Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses can be difficult to steady; they have a long focal length as they are designed to take photos at a distance. A slight movement can blur an image taken with a telephoto lens. Using a tripod with a telephoto lens is the best practice and will help you capture the most stable and clear images.

HDR Shots

Taking HDR shots can be difficult as you are trying to capture the same image with multiple exposuresA tripod can help stabilize the image so that later you can merge them into one, creating the perfect HDR image. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 offers HDR editing capabilities to help you get the best image. You can find our HDR tutorial here 


We hope that this information helps you fully utilize your tripod! Have any more tripod tips? Leave a comment!  



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