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Photo Studio Ultimate Tutorial with Alec Watson: Introduction

May 21, 2019

Welcome to ACDSee’s newest course! We’ve released a set of videos on our YouTube channel that provide the perfect ‘how-to’ tutorials for ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate. Some of these videos can teach you about the Photo Studio Professional and Standard products, as some aspects overlap. But not all will, as Ultimate offers some exclusive features, such as the layers element. For this series, we’ve partnered with photographer, Alec Watson, who rediscovered ACDSee after many years. Alec is a well-known advertising photographer who has done work for some amazing people and companies, such as Brittany Spears, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola.  

Our first video is an introduction to ACDSee and what you will be seeing in the courses to come. Alec is a photographer who has been around for decades and has used many photo editing products. Alec’s main goal when completing a photography project is to save time, make more money, and deliver excellence to his clients. Photo Studio Ultimate can help him do that. What Alec enjoys about ACDSee Ultimate is that it is an allinone system for a photographer. You can find, search, batch set, and edit your photos all in one software, which you get to ownno subscription needed. 

Check out more of our ‘how-to’ series on our YouTube channel, which gives you the ability to utilize your ACDSee Photo Studio product to its full potential!   


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