Photo Studio Ultimate 2020

September 26, 2019

We are releasing ACDSee Photo Studio 2020, the latest and best version of Photo Studio! Below, we will go over the top new features in our ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 product. There are many new improvements and features that we are excited to share with you! Let’s get started!   

HDR (High Dynamic Range)   


This is one of our favorite features in the latest edition.  ACDSee’s HDR tool is simple and easy to use and can bring out maximum dynamic range in your photos. It does this by merging multiple photos shot at different exposures into a single image to recover details from shadows and highlights. HDR brings out the elements in your photo that you want noticed. We are so thrilled about this stunning new feature offered in our Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 version. 

Focus Stacking  


Focus stacking is another element of Ultimate 2020 that we are very excited about. Sometimes your camera will focus on a specific element in your photo and blur the rest. The thing is you may want the whole photo in focus. ACDSee can help you with that with our new focus stacking feature. If you have a set of photos all with different focal distances, you can combine these photos into one image, so the entire photo is in focus. This feature lets you take the reins of your photo and embrace your creativity.  

Facial Detection/Recognition  


We have made updates to our facial detection and facial recognition tool. One of the new functions is suggested names. When you add a name to a photo in ACDSee, the program will scan through your photos and see if it can find this person’s characteristics in other photos and suggest their name accordingly. If ACDSee is confident it is the same person, it will assign their name.  

We have also improved people searching. With the new “Suggested Names” item in the Catalog pane, you can search based on images that have suggested names. We have also added in the ability to search for assigned names, suggested, or both. This feature speeds up facial detection and recognition, helping you organize your photos.  

third feature that has been added in our 2020 version is the ability to embed face data within an image. This feature was requested by current users. What you were previously able to do with metadata, you can now do with face data. It can be embedded directly into the image, which provides a safe way to back up this data and make it easier to retrieve if you should need to. 

Blended Clone    


Blended Clone is an amazing new feature. Blended Clone is a mix of Smart Erase and our Clone tool. This feature is great for removing unwanted elements in an image. For example, if you want to erase a bird from the sky, add in a cloud, etc., you can do so within a matter of a few clicks. Blended Clone analyzes the surrounding area and softens the edges of what you are cloning so it does not leave a hard line, making the edit more organic and less noticeable. Blended Clone is a game-changer for ACDSee Ultimate 2020.    

Text Tool (Layers)   


A brand-new text tool has been introduced in ACDSee Ultimate 2020. With this tool, text can now be added as layer elements. The biggest improvement over the previous Text filter is that these new Text layers are re-editable. What this means is that you can save composites with text layers as .ACDC files and then re-open them in Edit mode later and continue editing text layers as desired. 

Resize Canvas 


In ACDSee Ultimate 2020 you can resize your canvas. This feature lets you take control of your photos and embrace your creativity. Now you can create collages with multiple photos without any loss of information. 

Rulers and Guidelines 


The last new feature we will discuss for ACDSee Ultimate 2020 is rulers and guidelines. With the ruler, you can measure dimensions in a variety of units, such as centimeters, inches, pixels, etc, ensuring the precision of your placed layers. To improve the accuracy even further, you can drag guidelines across the image. These guidelines can be used to snap additional images, selections, and text to specific positions with ease. 


These are just some of the features that we are excited to offer in our Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 product. We have neither the space or time to mention all of the amazing features and updates. Want to try our latest product? Get a 30-day free trial here!   

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