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How to Make Your Life Easier with Mobile Sync

January 15, 2018

So you’re out and about, enjoying your day, and you’ve taken a number of photos on your phone. It would make your life easier to integrate them into your digital asset management system so that you can organize, cull, or move them into the next stage: your post-processing workflow. In other words, some of these photos you will like enough to invest time into adjusting. And in order to make it easy to sort out which those are, you’d probably label or tag them in some way.

What if when you get home, you could send said photos from your phone to ACDSee with a single button? In the time it takes you to remove your shoes and coat, your photos could be ready for you in Manage mode. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Hopefully this scenario gives you some idea about why we created the ACDSee Mobile Sync app. We wanted to cut out the middle man. And by “middle man”, I mean the bit where you find your phone cord, attach it to your computer, wait patiently for those two devices to start talking, and then begin your downloading process. We don’t have time for that. We don’t even have time to undo our laces before we take off our shoes.

To set yourself up to be able to wirelessly and instantly send photos and videos, you start by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Type “ACDSee Mobile Sync” in the search bar. When you find it, download the free app.

Google Play Store

After installation, open the app. Then follow the prompts to give the app access to your photos and to assign the target. In other words, get it talking with your ACDSee Photo Studio application on your computer. ACDSee Photo Studio is the target. Make sure your PC and mobile device are connected to the same local area network.

Pick Target - Mobile Sync

As you might guess, we have a lot of ACDSees installed in our office.

From that point on, it’s as simple as selecting and sending. Conveniently, ACDSee Mobile Sync keeps track of which photos have been sent. New and unsent items are indicated by a colored border around their thumbnails.

Sent vs Unsent - Mobile Sync

You can determine which types of files are displayed, be it video, image, new items only, or just everything.

Display - Mobile Sync

There’s a number of options for selecting images.

Selecting - Mobile Sync

After you select what you want to send, you can press the Send button in the top right corner.

Upload - Mobile Synce

The images will begin transferring.

Uploading - Mobile Sync

Once the transfer is complete, you can find your photos on ACDSee on your PC at any time by navigating to the ACDSee Mobile Sync node in the Folder tree.

Mobile Sync Mode

From here you can move these photos to another folder, as desired, and integrate them into your digital asset management and post processing workflow.

However, if you would like to simply upload your new images, all you need to do is open the app and press the Send button. That’s it!


You can customize the name of your target server (ACDSee on your PC) by going to Tools | Options in ACDSee. In the Options dialog, click ACDSee Mobile Sync. In the Server Name field, enter a new name. Press OK.

You can change the folder to which the ACDSee Mobile Sync app sends your images and videos. In ACDSee, go to Tools | Options, and choose ACDSee Mobile Sync in the Options dialog. Next to Root Folder, click the Browse For Folder button. Choose a new folder from the dialog and press OK.

To navigate through any issues, take a look at the Troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.



  • Mat_Computer

    ACDSee Mobile Sync does not seem to work with Mac computers. Can someone please confirm? I have been trying to get it to search for the server on my Mac. Furthermore the Tools do not have any Options in the ACDSee Pro Mac.

    • Stormin Norman

      Doesn’t work on Window’s PC’s either..

      • NYCJA

        I actually love it for my PC. I’m using Windows 10 and ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2018 and it works great. The only issue I’ve had so far is with videos in iPhone shared albums. Otherwise, no issues.

        • Herman

          which version of windows 10 are you running as it does not work on my version 1803

  • Mat_Computer

    I was very disappointed with the apps because I had a MAC. I subscribed to Amazon Prime. Besides the unlimited storage backup I get other perks like music and videos.

  • Herman

    The sync does not see photo studio 2018 pro. App installed on Huawei P20 pro. When I go to setting and go to default target the screen does not show my PC connected to the same wifi and running Photo studio 18. The PC is running the latest version MS 10 version 1803.

  • Chris Yannella

    I have been using PhotoSync by Touchbyte for several years now to auto xfer pics from the phone to my picture server machine when I step in the house. How does this compare? Looks almost identical.

  • Konrad Christ

    Hi, i use Windows 10 version 1903 on my laptop. My Iphone is on IOS 12.4.1
    Under normal circumstances there is no connection with Mobile Sync between Laptop and Iphone. First i have to manually stop the Mobile Sync Service and start again. After that action i see the Laptop in the Mobiles server list an are able to sent the pictures.
    I use a second PC with Windows 7 and with this i don’t have to stop and run the service to get the pictures on it.

    • ACD Systems International

      Hi Konrad, thank you for letting us know about this bug I would recommend contacting our customer support team and they may be able to directly help you. I will also let our developers know about it. Thank you for the feedback! https://www.acdsee.com/en/support/

  • steve

    Is there a way to send photos back to my iphone? so I can then send it to a friend?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hi Steve, unfortunately this is not a feature in Mobile Sync.

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