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How to Become a Professional Wedding Photographer!

March 23, 2020

Director of photography Alec Watson and Wedding Photographer Courtney Julen to discuss how they went from hobby photographer to professional. This is a great video for hobbyists to learn how to expand their careers. Such as, how to price your work if you’re in a small or large town, the importance of lighting, and more! Want more tutorial videos? Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

View Courtney Julian’s Photography here: https://www.julienphotography.ca/


  • 0:42 Starting Out
  • 1:42 First Wedding
  • 3:30 First 1k
  • 4:22 Dabble as a Hobby or Jump In
  • 7:09 Hobbys Have Benefits -Time for Creatives
  • 11:11 TFP Build Your Portfolio
  • 16:10 Gear What Do Your (really) Need
  • 23:32 Delivering Images – How Fast?
  • 27:32 What Do You Charge? Setting Rates
  • 32:40 Backups
  • 40:10 Do Your Really Need Lights
  • 47:08 Education and Competitions



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