Get to know Gemstone Beta.

June 30, 2021

ACDSee is excited to announce the release of Gemstone beta, our first ever photo editor with Multi Document Interface (MDI), robust RAW support for over 500 cameras, and full layered editor.   


Multi Document Interface (MDI) 

With a Multi Document Interface, users can now have multiple documents open at one timehave two projects open on a split-screen for easy comparison, or have documents open in their own tab to move to another monitor. You can even keep your workspace tidy by easily hiding multiple open documents with the tab feature. Gemstone offers very flexible workflow options allowing customized workflows for each user. 


RAW Development 

Gemstone features ACDSee RAW, a dedicated interface for editing RAW files that includes a robust collection of Tune, Detail, Geometry, and Repair tools. Gemstone has optimized the performance of RAW decoding for faster loading times and supports over 500 cameras. ACDSee RAW also features a Presets pane for saving customized adjustments and easily applying them to future image editsOnce completed, you can move your presets to a category or create a custom category for better organizationRAW also offers a History panel so you can see and access each adjustment made during the editing process 


Full Layered Editor 

Gemstone also offers a full layered editor that allows you to add as many creative elements to your document as you would like such as color backgrounds, image files, masks, and so much more. Edit each layer to your liking to find the perfect outcome. A great way to use the layered editor is to find examples of repeated work, like making posters, and create a poster preset that you can re-use repeatedly and tweak on the fly where necessary.   


Want to learn more in-depth information about the features in Gemstone? Check out our videos:  

Try the Gemstone Beta for yourself here 

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  • sdcigarbear

    Long time program user here – Simple question (I hope), what’s the between the Gemstone and the Photo Studio Ultimate 2023? What are major buying advantages of both – do I need both if I buy one or the other?

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