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Face Detection & Facial Recognition

September 27, 2018

Organizing has never been this personal. The Face Detection & Facial Recognition tool will find the humans in your photographs so that you can name the individuals for quick searching and isolating. ACDSee will immediately learn which names to put to which faces. Never lose grandpa again! Save hours of tedious manual skimming. Keep photos distinguished by client, family member, or person of interest.





  • J Bolton

    How do you turn this feature off. It is annoying.

  • Gregg OKeefe

    I edited my face picture with my name and now EVERY picture with a face has my name…wtf?

    • Mats Persson

      I have also the same problem. It is better that a new face is called “Unknown” or something like that. I also want to know if I search for my name if every picture (right or wrong) wit my name is coming up as a result of my search?

  • Gregory Guthrie

    How can I force a scan of my whole library, without having to open every folder and select every group of images?

    • James✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      my question too

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello Gregory, thank you for being part of the ACDSee community. You can use the catalog wizard to select multiple folders. Tools | Database | Catalog files. Hope this helps, have a great day.

      • Joe Nay

        I created the Catalog file, but for facial it still only scans the folder I’m in – how do I force a facial scan of the entire catalog?

        • ACD Systems International

          Hi Joe, you can use the catalog wizard to scan all the folders you want to scan. After the catalog wizard, it will start processing the face data when the application has free resources to run. Or you can set up the indexer in Tools | Options | ACDSee Indexer, when the machine is idling, the indexer will run in the background to catalog the folders you wish to scan.

  • Gregory Guthrie

    Is this information (people category) kept in the IPTC or embedded in the images? If I export images, or have to rebuild database, will this information be preserved? Or if I export images into Adobe Lightroom?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello Gregory, thank you for being part of the ACDSee community. No the face recognition information is not embedded in an image in this release, it is only stored in our database, so it cannot be shared with lightroom. If you rebuild your database from scratch, it will be lost.

  • webaschtl

    The video is “broken”…!

  • Martin

    In my opinion the ACDSee Pro 2019 face recognition doesn’t do a good job. It recognizes a single person serveral times on a single photo, it doesn’t recognize different persons properly. The Picasa face recognition from 2016 is working perfectly and highly reliable for me

  • Bartosz

    how to turn off the outlines of face detection?

  • Mats Persson

    What information can I add to a person that I have give a name? Where do I see the Information and how do I change a name?

  • Mats Persson

    In the “People Manager” why can’t I click on a person and make it as an search for that person?

  • Dmitry Kravchenko

    Is it possible to distinguish between computer-generated person labels and human-confirmed ones (as it was in Picasa)? I have a lot wrong recognitions and would like to hide them until confirmed.

    How to delete wrong recognized person (without assigning any label)?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello Dmitry, unfortunately, there is no visual difference between manually assigned names and computer-generated (auto-assigned) names. However, you can try to follow this forum post on how to correct wrongfully recognized people. https://forum.acdsee.com/forum/acdsee-tips-tricks/acdsee-windows/face-detection/48961-how-do-i-efficiently-fix-incorrectly-named-faces hope this helps, have a great day.

      • Dmitry Kravchenko

        Okay, please fix this in next version, because it is impossible to utilize the feature effectively with this problem

    • pvbredow

      I totally agree. It is extremely important to be able to distinguish between names I have assigned, and ‘candidates’ – names that Photo Studio thinks match the face.
      Ideally, the application should show:
      – a list of all the faces I have labeled as Mike
      – a list of all the faces Photo Studio thinks are also likely Mike
      – a list of all faces that Photo Studio thinks are the same person, although that person can’t be recognized as one of the faces I have named

      This is the approach that FotoBounce (now called Tag That Photo) took. Hopefully they don’t have any patent that would prevent ACDSee from taking the same approach.

  • Joe Nay

    Will the Face recognition work on videos as well?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hi Joe, unfortunately, facial recognition will not work on videos as videos cannot be edited in photo studio, only in video studio which does not offer the facial recognition feature at this time.


    Can you please explain the logo type and color coding used for your products?

  • Muammer G

    I agree with what you say. I’m sure a good development will be released

  • Patrick

    hey there, so this is a silly question but in what software package is the Facial Recognition included. I just got Studio 5, and I can’t seem to find it. Which makes me think…I got the wrong stuff 🙁

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello, at this time our Mac 5 product does not offer facial recognition. Only our Photo Studio Ultimate product offers facial recognition. Thank you for the suggestion of adding it to our Mac product we will let our developers know!

      • Patrick

        Thanks for getting back to me, is there an upgrade possible to go from Studio 5 to Ultimate, if I wanted to consider that route?

        • ACD Systems International

          Hi Patrick, unfortunately at the moment there is not. ACDSee Ultimate is a PC product only.

  • Andrew Giunta

    I’m assuming there is no facial recognition for ACDSee for Mac. Is there an Ultimate equivalent for Macs?

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello, at this time our Mac 5 product does not offer facial recognition, and we currently do not have an Ultimate equivalent for Mac. Thank you for the suggestion of adding it to our Mac product/ making a Mac product equivalent to Ultimate we will let our developers know!

      • And thus was my switch to Lightroom complete.

      • You’ve had at least three years to get ‘er done, and I’ve wasted hours trying to get it to work. I read the reviews, that all said you did face recognition, and ran on a Mac.

        Why do you even bother with a crippled Mac version?

  • Bernd Bäse

    Is there any way to get the face recognition information out of the internal ACDSee database into the IPCT dataset? In my eyes a feature like that is very important to be able to pass on photos to others with as little loss of information as possible.

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello, unfortunately, not at the moment.

      • Bill McNutt

        You guys need to fix this.

    • indygeoff

      The only way I could see to do it was to search ACDSee’s people database to isolate all the images of a specific person, then add that individual’s name as a keyword to all of those images. Obviously this isn’t perfect. For example, if there are multiple people in an image you can’t link the keyworded name to a specific person, but it’s better than nothing.

  • TokyoQuasar

    It would be nice to have something indicating the progression in % of the face recognition process in the background. I can see it is processing as it is written on the bottom right of ADCSee, I have several thousands photos in the photo folders I set to be scanned, so I assume it will take some time, but it’s been running for 3h in the background and it would be nice to know how long is left.

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello, thank you for the feedback. We will let our developers know about this suggestion!

  • MD

    Acdsee Face Detection can recognize the same person in one photo many times. This is a big mistake.

    • ACD Systems International

      Hello, thank you for the feedback. We will let our developers know about this issue.

  • RattyBrian

    Lets face it (pardon the pun) I don’t want people’s names on every photo, all the time, and I can’t get rid of.

  • Al Watts

    Sometimes facial recognition doesn’t recognize there is a face, or misses a face in a group photo. Is there a way to force it to “see” a face? This happens even when there is no problem with the photo, contrast etc.

  • Xavier Feschet

    hello, I have ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021 (Trial version), I have 10th of thousands of pictures. When i do face recognition, I only get 5 pictures of myself… am i missing something?

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