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ACDSee Video Studio 4 Tutorial with Alec Watson – Chroma Key

August 28, 2019

This is the second video of Alec Watson’s ACDSee Video Studio 4 Tutorial series. In this video, Alec is discussing Chroma key, otherwise known as green screening.  ACDSee’s Video Studio 4 offers basic green screening tools, which are perfect for tutorial videos!  

Wondering where to get green screening material? Many sites offer video clips and Video Studio 4 is compatible with a large variety of file formats 

After you have all your video material, it’s time to start editing! All green screening needs to be done in Advanced Effects. Layer the videos accordingly, then, on the Advanced Effects tab, remove the unwanted color by dragging and dropping the Remove Color option onto the clip. You can use the Color Dropper to sample the color in the background to make sure you get the exact green you need to remove. Once that is completed, adjust the Tolerance to get rid of any green screen remanence from around the subject.  

After this, Alec illustrates how you can make the finishing touches on your video when you add in color correcting features, audio, and resizing elements. Alec also shows you how to utilize Luma Key, if you have an element that does not have a green background. After this tutorial, you’ll be ready to edit your own videos! Be sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date with future videos! 


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