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ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6!

November 16, 2019

We have released ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6. ACDSee heard their Mac customers, listened to their wants and needs and added those features in the new Mac 6 product! ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 is one of the best DAMs on the market, so let’s jump in and go over some of the amazing new features!   

Support for Dark Mode  

ACDSee has added Dark Mode support for the map feature, creating a seamless display between Mac software and ACDSee.   

Adaptability & Security

You’ll never have to worry about losing your photos again. ACDSee now works with iCloud Drive to give you stressfree photo management! You’ll have direct access to your iCloud Drive from within Manage mode, giving you peace of mind when backing up and sharing photos.   

Search by Modified Date

You can now search by the date you modified the image versus when you took the image. This feature can be very beneficial if you are continually referring to the same set of photos that you need to go back and look at.   

Faster Load Times

Photo Studio for Mac 6 has 10x faster load times than Photo Studio for Mac 5 did, speeding up your editing workflow so you can focus on the important thingtaking photos! Photo Studio for Mac 6 is the organization tool every photographer needs.    

Search by Name & Location

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6 is making it easier than ever to quickly search for what you need. It’s as simple as the title says. You can now search by name and location, making it easier to organize and find your photos. Say you did a wedding photoshoot in Banff for a couple. You could search Smith and Banff”, instead of going through all your photos with either the tag Smith or Banff 


The EasySelect feature brings your organizational skills to the next level. Photo Studio for Mac 6 allows you to view multiple folders at the same time, as well as searching combinations of metadata fields simultaneously with the Easy-Select indicators.   

Quick Look

Immediately launch any supported file type in Quick Look directly from within ACDSee, including videos, PDFs, and documents, allowing for snappy viewing of important documents.   

Saved Searches

Easily access all of the photos meeting criteria that you specify with powerful saved searches you can click at any time in Manage mode.  

Social Keywording

Make your life easier with social keywording! Save countless hours of manual entry by importing established keyword lists. Export keyword lists and share them with other users, making your life and your fellow ACDSee users’ lives easier.

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  • rjnikon

    So Far so good. Still looking for a spot removal tool. Is there a Photo Studio for Mac Ver 7 coming with that feature? Also I would like to “Export, Resize and set quality all in one step rather than batch process then move files. Set size or do not resize in “Export Window.”

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