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5 New Features We’re Loving in Luxea 6

May 21, 2021

1. Timeline Markers 


The first feature that we love is the new timeline marker. You can now align tracks easily with our snap-to-set timeline markers. Being able to snap videos to markers keeps your video editing process organized, making it easier and faster to produce your video. We’ve been looking forward to this feature for some time and cannot wait for you to try it!  


2. Color LUT Opacity 


You can now color grade your shots when you load and apply an endless array of cinematic LUTs. You can easily control the strength of the color using the opacity slider. With this tool, you can now match each shot’s color to exactly what you pictured, giving you more creative control of your final product.  

3. Targeted Screen Recording 


Do you find it annoying to record Zoom calls because you end up recording everything going on in the background of your computer? You can now target your screen recordings, so we’ve got you covered.  

4. Single Input Recording 


This feature is perfect for when you are podcasting, working from home, or taking online classes. You can now capture audio without video and vice versa, giving you complete control over the amount and type of content you capture. 

5. Mouse Click Effects 


Luxea now features the ability to add animation and sound to your mouse clicks while screen recording. This feature is perfect for making tutorial videos as the animation and sounds will enhance your viewer’s ability to follow along.  


These are just a few features that we are loving in Luxea 6, but there are more just waiting for you to discover. 


We should also mention that Luxea 6 is available as a free download without watermarks.  


Download your free copy here



  • Georgios Theodorikakos

    Hello, is Luxea 6 available for Mac?
    Thank you

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