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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad!

June 17, 2021

Father’s Day is coming up quickly. Are you feeling unsure about what to get the dad in your life? Look no further because we have you covered. If your dad, grandpa, uncle, or husband has an interest in photography, then this is the gift guide for you!  


1. ACDSee Ultimate 2021  

ACDSee Ultimate 2021 is the perfect gift for the dad who always has a camera in his hand or is passionate about taking photos but doesn’t have the time for complicated editing systems and techniques.  

Ultimate 2021 is easy to use and very user-friendly. With Ultimate’s advanced DAM (Digital Asset Management) abilities, your dad can organize all his photos, from family portraits to shots of the boys’ camping trip. Ultimate also offers Develop mode which offers a RAW editor for advanced non-destructive editing, meaning your dad can make as many changes as he likes without permanently altering the photo. Ultimate also offers an exciting Layers Editor for creative compositions and new editing features such as color wheels and tone wheels. Once you purchase Ultimate 2021, you will instantly receive your download code — no waiting for shipping and delivery! 


2. Luxea Video Editor 6  

Has your dad been interested in taking family videos? Luxea Video Editor 6 is our latest video editing software, perfect for all levels of video editors. Your dad can turn his home movies into masterpieces. (Don’t blame us if he invites you to a screening party of the latest home video.) Luxea 6 offers many notable features and improvements such as timeline markers, color LUT opacity, targeted screen recording, and so much more. Luxea also has cool content packs that you can add on to give your videos some pizazz. Luxea 6 is free forever with only a short intro and outro branding tag. Want to get rid of the intro/outro tag? We offer many different purchasing options that you can see here. Once your purchase is complete, you will instantly receive your download code — no waiting for shipping and delivery!  


3. Photography Course   

Does your dad have an interest in photography but could use a bit of guidance to grow his skills? Get him one of Alec Watson’s Photography Courses. Alec Watson is our go to Director of Photography and owner of Your Visual Brand. Alec offers two courses. Ultimate Portraits 101 takes you through 6 different lighting scenarios to give you the technical knowledge and an array of experiences that you can draw from to vastly improve your portrait photography. The second course Alec offers is WAMSI: DSLR Photography Workflow Simplified. WAMSI is a photography workflow that takes the complexity out of DSLR camera photography. Having a simplified workflow increases confidence, allowing you to be in your creative space immediately. Once you purchase either of Alec’s courses you have instant access!   


4. New Camera Lens   

A new camera lens is a great gift but if you are going to go with this gift option, you need to know what your dad already has, what he wants, and what kind of lens he would get the most use out of. Is he wanting to try a new technique? Move into the world of wildlife photography? What kind of lens would he most likely benefit from? Every time he grabs his new camera lens, he will think, “I’m so glad I got this for Father’s Day!” Digital Camera World magazine covers a great explanation of the best camera lenses to buy.   


5. Tripod  

Tripods can be overlooked as gifts or proper photography gear because they can be heavy and awkward to carry. However, tripods can help the photographer create stunning photos. In some cases, tripods are a necessity when shooting. If your dad does not have a tripod, this is a great gift option! Need a little more convincing on the necessity of a tripod? Check out our previous blog, Photography 101- When to Use a Tripod. Not sure which kind of tripod would be best for your dad? Check out another previous blog, What tripod is right for you?   


We hope that our list will help your dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, or husband have the best Father’s Day ever!   

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