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4 Ways to Easily Manage Client Photos

March 19, 2020

Wedding photographers can gather thousands and thousands of photos on memory cards, external drives, your personal computer, the cloud, etc. Having so many photos from various clients can be difficult to keep track of, but ACDSee is here to help!  

ACDSee is a stunning digital asset manager able to help you organize and manage your photos, making your workflow faster and your images easier to find. Below we will discuss 4 tools you can use in Manage mode to easily organize your photos.  

Facial Recognition & Detection

Facial detection and recognition is a gamechanger for photo organization. In Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 if a person is tagged in a photo, the software will use AI to find non-tagged photos of the same person. This is beneficial for wedding photographers as they can tag individuals and couples and the AI technology will help them easily find more, allowing for easy sorting 


ACDSee uses a star rating system. This can help you go through a set of photos, rate them, and choose the best ones for editing, which you will ultimately send to the couple. 

Location Data

Location data is another helpful tool for wedding photographers. You can tag the location of the photo. This can be beneficial if you shoot a wedding that is in a unique location, as these photos will be easier to find. This can also be useful if you are taking engagement photos. It can give you good ideas for popular spots or beautiful remote locations. 

Metadata & Customize Keywords

Metadata is information that is embedded within the photo, making it easier to search for images. Metadata can be very helpful to a photographer as it will report items such as camera and lens used, date and time taken, focal length, shutter speed, lens aperture, etc. You can add customizable keywords to your metadata, making it even easier to locate within your files. 

Like facial recognition, customizable keywords can be a helpful tool for wedding photographers. If you want to find all “bride” photos or “groomsman” photos that you have taken over the years, you can easily add these keywords in the metadata. There are many different customizable keywords that you can add into your metadata for easier organization of your photos, such as the couples last name so you can find all their specific wedding photos.  Another helpful keyword to add is your company name or your name on all your professional work, specifically so that your information is always tagged in the metadata of the photo and people cannot pass off your work as their own. Another way to do this is by adding a watermark to your photos. It is also helpful when organizing between client photos and personal photos.  


We hope that you enjoyed these tips to easily manage and organize your photos. You can find all these managing tools in our ACDSee Photo Studio 2020 products 


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